Jonny Shannon

Mental Health Advocate, Tech Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Jonny Shannon grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand. He found school extremely difficult, having undiagnosed dyslexia and other disabilities which led him to failing all his subjects. Jonny was also bullied time and time again. After a short time in the NZ Army, Jonny moved to Australia to become a qualified youth-worker. He later took some time off and co-started four companies; one of which was Pushpay an app that helps people give to charities. Since going full-time in 2013, Jonny has spoken over 2,200 times to over 370 schools (more than any other independent speaker in Australia), speaking up to 27 times a week. He has spoken at some of the largest events in the southern hemisphere including; National Young Leaders Day, Easter Camp, Universities, Principal Conferences and Corporate Events alongside key note speakers from Facebook & Twitter.

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