Dr Jared Cooney Horvath

Educational Neuroscientist

Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath is an award-winning cognitive neuroscientist, best-selling author and renowned keynote speaker with an expertise in human learning, memory, and brain stimulation. Dr. Horvath has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne and an MEd in Mind, Brain & Education from Harvard University. He has worked as a teacher, curriculum developer and brain researcher. Dr. Horvath has published 4 books, over 30 research articles, and currently serves as an honorary researcher at the University of Melbourne and St. Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne. His research has been featured in popular publications including The New York Times, WIRED, BBC, The Economist, PBS's Nova and ABC’s Catalyst.

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What participants are saying

“The content was excellent and extremely helpful for me in terms of working collaboratively with students as well as teachers. The way he explained the brain stuff was genius! It really helped me learn the dry stuff in a very positive way. I had to keep stopping to take my own notes because every sentence was meaningful and worthwhile. Thank you so much for this extremely helpful session!”

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