Brett Lee

Founder, Internet Safe Education, Former Police Officer

Brett Lee, Founder of Internet Safe Education, is the only former detective to take his 20+ years of working in cyber crime to help parents, educators, and the general public understand how to protect themselves and their children online. He’s worked on some of the most high-profile crimes for the likes of the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and as a detective in the Australian Police Force. Brett’s experience in cyber crime is unparalleled and has led him to be a sought-after speaker, media commentator, and thought leader in Australia and internationally. Brett believes that by empowering the community with the right knowledge at the right time, every person can be safe online. In fact, he feels so strongly about this that he’s dedicated the last 12 years to developing easy to understand content that anyone can apply to their lives. During his speaking career, Brett has spoken to over 1 million audience members. And whilst the topic can sometimes feel overwhelming, Brett’s engaging approach leaves his audiences with a sense of safety and empowered to make the right choices at the right time.

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“What a brilliant and engaging session and I now have extra tools in my tool belt to assist the young people I work with! ”

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