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Shai Mikus

Volunteer Youth Presenter, Black Dog Institute

Shai Mikus has been a volunteer with the Black Dog Institute for 6 years. Shai regularly speaks to school and community groups about mental health, sharing her personal experience living with depression, anxiety and PTSD as a teenager. Shai has worked with adults with mental health issues and currently works as a house manager, running a house for 4 young children who are living with significant disabilities.

1 in 5 young people experience an episode of depression before age 18

Let’s make a change

We are driven by supporting a brighter future for young people by enabling everyone to better understand, manage and treat mental illness

As the age group least likely to seek help when dealing with worries, concerns and unhelpful thoughts, teens are at prime risk when it comes to mental health issues.  During adolescence, 50% of mental health issues emerge and these can have lifelong consequences.  Being able to identify issues and intervene early on is critical.

Shannai will share her personal experience living with depression, anxiety and PTSD as a teenager to equip you as teachers with the knowledge and tools to identify and support young people!

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of Mental Illness in young people

  • Identify ways to have a meaningful conversation if you are worried about a young person’s mental health

  • Find tools and resources to support a Mentally Healthy School Environment

Course curriculum

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    • Navigating Teen Mental Health

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