Dr Rachael Sharman

Senior Lecturer Psychology, University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Rachael Sharman is a lecturer and researcher in psychology, specialising in child/adolescent development. Rachael's research is focused on the optimal and healthy development of the paediatric brain, and has covered the neuro/psychological impacts of: dietary practices of parents and their children; physical activity; obesity; sport participation; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; genetic disorders; concussion and childhood trauma. Rachael has a long history in working in child-related fields including child protection, juvenile justice, disability, advocacy and genetic research. Rachael remains committed to research that ensures children have the best possible chance to meet their full potential. Her current interests include: children’s play opportunities and the built environment; resilience-building features of risky play; child protection issues including sexual abuse and trafficking; adolescent arson and self-harming; transitions from education to the workplace.

Course curriculum

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    • Green Space and the power of nature play for shaping the developing brain: Part 1

    • Explanation of the Himba Experiment

    • Green Space and the power of nature play for shaping the developing brain: Part 2

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